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2014 World Indoor Championships Qualifying Standards


In most events, athletes will qualify for the 2014 World Indoor Championships by exceeding entry standards set by the IAAF. Unlike the Olympics and outdoor World Championships, there is one set of standards, rather than A and B standards. In running events, however, athletes can qualify via separate indoor and outdoor standards. Athletes can achieve qualifying performances in field events either indoors or outdoors. A nation with no qualified athlete may enter one man or woman in any event, except for the heptathlon and pentathlon. As the host country, Poland may enter an otherwise non-qualified athlete in any event, other than the combined events, in which it lacks a qualified candidate. Non-qualified field event entrants may be refused by the appropriate technical delegates, however.

Countries may enter up to three athletes in any event, but only two may compete, with the exception of the pole vault, heptathlon, pentathlon and 4 x 400-meter relay.

In the pole vault, the world’s top 12 men and women will be ranked, based on performances from 2013 and 2014, and invited to compete. Vaulters will not compete in a qualification round during the Championships.

Similarly, eight men will be invited to compete in the heptathlon and eight women in the pentathlon. Automatic entrants – provided there are no more than two from any country – include the winners of the 2013 IAAF Combined Events Challenge (Andrei Krauchanka of Belarus and Hanna Melychenko of Ukraine); the top three men and women on the 2013 outdoor combined events lists as of December 31 – but limited to one per country; and the top three athletes from the 2014 men’s and women’s combined events lists, as of Feb. 17.

As in the Olympics and outdoor World Championships, countries may enter six athletes in the 4 x 400-meter relay.

Competitors in every event other than the shot put must be at least 16 years old as of Dec. 31, 2014. Shot put athletes must be 18 by the end of 2014.

The qualifying period for all events, other than the combined events, is Jan. 1, 2013 through Feb. 24, 2014. The World Indoor Championships will be held in Sopot, Poland from March 7 through 9.


  • 100 meters: 6.65 seconds indoors or 10.15 in the outdoor 100
  • 400 meters: 46.80 indoors or 45.10 outdoors 
  • 800 meters: 1:47 indoors or 1:44 outdoors
  • 1500 meters: 3:41 in the indoor 1500, 3:58 in the indoor mile or 3:34 in the outdoor 1500
  • 3000 meters: 7:52 indoors, 7:42 outdoors or 13:15 in the outdoor 5000
  • 60-meter hurdles: 7.74 indoors or 13.50 in the outdoor 110-meter hurdles
  • High jump: 2.30 meters (7 feet, 6½ inches)
  • Pole vault: 5.75/18-10¼
  • Long jump: 8.16/26-9¼
  • Triple jump: 17.00/55-9¼
  • Shot put: 20.30/66-7


  • 7.32 indoors or 11.20 in the outdoor 100
  • 400 meters: 53.15 indoors or 51.20 outdoors  
  • 800 meters: 2:03 indoors or 1:459 outdoors
  • 1500 meters: 4:14 in the indoor 1500, 4:31 in the indoor mile or 4:03.50 in the outdoor 1500
  • 3000 meters: 9:02 indoors, 8:38 outdoors or 15:00 in the outdoor 5000
  • 60-meter hurdles: 8.16 indoors or 12.90 in the outdoor 10-meter hurdles
  • High jump: 1.94 meters (6 feet, 4¼ inches)
  • Pole vault: 4.71/15-5¼
  • Long jump: 6.70/21-11¾
  • Triple jump: 14.25/46-9
  • Shot put: 17.80/58-5

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