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The 2014 Men’s World Indoor Championship Medalists



The U.S. 4 x 400-meter relay team set an indoor world record in the final event of the 2014 World Indoor Championships.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

15th IAAF World Indoor Championships
Sopot, Poland
March 7-9, 2014

The United States closed the Championships by setting the event's lone world record, in the 4 x 400-meter relay. The quartet of Kyle Clemons, David Verburg, Kind Butler III and Calvin Smith broke the indoor mark with a time of 3:02.13. Clemons, who previously earned a bronze medal in the 400 meters, was the only man to win more than one medal in Sopot.

Ashton Eaton came close to beating his own world mark for the indoor heptathlon - which he set during the 2012 Championships - but fell 13 points short. Eaton was one of four repeat champions, along with Mohammed Aman in the 800 meters, Ryan Whiting in the shot put and Mauro da Silva in the long jump. Bernard Lagat made a bid for his fourth World Indoor title at 3000 meters, but placed second to Caleb Ndiku. Still, the 39-year-old became the oldest man to earn a World Indoor medal.

  • 60 meters
    GOLD Richard Kilty, GBR, 6.49
    SILVER Marvin Bracy, USA, 6.51
    BRONZE Femi Ogunode, QAT, 6.52
  • 400 meters
    GOLD Pavel Maslak, CZE, 45.24
    SILVER Chris Brown, BAH, 45.58
    BRONZE Kyle Clemons, USA, 45.74
  • 800 meters
    GOLD Mohammed Aman, ETH, 1:46.40
    SILVER Adam Kszczot, POL, 1:46.76
    BRONZE Andrew Osagie, GBR, 1:47.10
  • 1500 meters
    GOLD Ayanleh Souleiman, DJI, 3:37.52
    SILVER Aman Wote, ETH, 3:38.08
    BRONZE Abdalaati Iguider, MAR, 3:38.21
  • 3000 meters
    GOLD Caleb Ndiku, KEN, 7:54.94
    SILVER Bernard Lagat, USA, 7:55.22
    BRONZE Dejen Gebremeskel, ETH, 7:55.39
  • 60-meter Hurdles
    GOLD Omo Osaghae, USA, 7.45
    SILVER Pascal Martinot-Lagarde,FRA, 7.46
    BRONZE Garfield Darien, FRA, 7.47
  • Shot Put
    GOLD Ryan Whiting, USA, 22.05
    SILVER David Storl, GER, 21.79
    BRONZE Tomas Walsh, NZL, 21.26
  • Long Jump
    GOLD Mauro da Silva, BRA, 8.28
    SILVER Li Jinzhe, CHN, 8.23
    BRONZE Michel Torneus,SWE, 8.21
  • High Jump
    GOLD Mutaz Essa Barshim, QAT, 2.38
    SILVER Ivan Ukhov, RUS, 2.38
    BRONZE Andriy Protsenko, UKR, 2.36
  • Triple Jump
    GOLD Lyukman Adams, RUS, 17.37
    SILVER Ernesto Reve, CUB, 17.33
    BRONZE Pedro Pablo Pichardo, CUB, 17.24
  • Pole Vault
    GOLD Konstadinos Filippidis, GRE, 5.80
    SILVER Malte Mohr, GER, 5.80
    BRONZE Jan Kudlicka, CZE, 5.80
  • Heptathlon
    GOLD Ashton Eaton, USA, 6632
    SILVER Andrei Krauchanka, BLR, 6303
    BRONZE Thomas van der Plaetsen, BEL, 6259
  • 4 x 400-meter Relay
    GOLD United States (Kyle Clemons, David Verburg, Kind Butler III, Calvin Smith), 3:02.13
    SILVER Great Britain, 3:03.49
    BRONZE Jamaica, 3:03.69

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