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What is Olympic Triple Jump?


What is Olympic Triple Jump? Often overshadowed by its athletic cousin, the more-glamorous long jump, the men’s triple jump has a noble Olympic history dating to the first modern Games in 1896, although it took 100 more years to become a women’s Olympic event.


Triple jumpers take off in the “hop” phase and land on the takeoff leg. They take one step onto the other foot (step phase), then jump. Otherwise, triple jump rules are identical to those of the long jump.

Jumps are measured from the nearest impression made in the landing pit by any part of the jumper’s body.


The triple jump runway is at least 40 meters long. Competitors may place as many as two markers on the runway to aid their approach.


Athletes in the triple jump must achieve an Olympic qualifying jump and must qualify for their nation’s Olympic team. A maximum of three competitors per country may compete in the triple jump.

In the 2004 Athens Games, 33 women participated in the qualification round and 15 earned spots in the final. On the men’s side, 47 jumpers attempted to qualify and 12 reached the final. Each finalist takes three jumps, then the top eight jumpers receive three more attempts. The longest single jump during the final wins.

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