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Training and Coaching Advice

Overview of training methods and strategies for track and field coaches and athletes, including drills, meet strategy and necessary equipment.
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Olympian Johnny Grays 800-meter Coaching and Running Tips
The 800-meter bronze medalist in Barcelona shares his running and coaching advice.

Brian Diemer Interview: Training the Athlete's Mind
Coach and former Olympic steeplechase bronze medalist Brian Diemer believes an athlete's mind set can impact his training.

How to Find High Jumpers
What to look for in a high jumper.

Coaching New High Jumpers
How to coach your high jump beginners.

How to Coach New Hurdlers
Information for track and field coaches and young athletes who want to learn about the hurdles. How to find hurdlers. How to practice the hurdles.

Learning the Hurdles: Walkover Drills
Learning to perform hurdles walkover drills. Developing a lead leg strategy for the hurdles. Coaching hurdlers.

Intermediate Hurdles Drills
Jogging and running drills help novice hurdlers continue their learning progression. Coaching the hurdles. Training hurdlers. Practicing hurdles.

Learning Proper Hurdling Form
Young hurdlers can perform a variety of drills to improve their technique. learning proper hurdling form. coaching young hurdlers. hurdles practice.

Fixing Common Hurdles Mistakes
Fixing Common Hurdles Mistakes. Helpful advice for young hurdlers who want to improve their craft. coaching hurdles. hurdles training.

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