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Women's Indoor European Records


Women’s indoor track and field records for the European continent, as recognized by the European Athletic Association. Each world record listed below was on the books as of 2013.

1. 50 Meters

Irina Privalova, Russia, 5.96. February 9, 1995. Privalova set a world record during a 60-meter race in Madrid, but the time is still recognized as the record in the 50 meters. Her performance marked the second time she broke a world indoor record previously held by Jamaica's Merlene Ottey.

2. 60 Meters

Irina Privalova, Russia, 6.92. February 11, 1993. The Russian sprinter broke Merlene Ottey's world mark in Madrid. Privalova tied her own mark, again in Madrid, two years later.

3. 200 Meters

Irina Privalova, Russia, 22.10. February 14, 1995. Privalova set the European mark at the Pas de Calais meet in Lievin, France.

4. 400 Meters

Jarmila Kratochvilova,, Czechoslovakia, 49.59. March 7, 1982. The first woman to run the 400 in fewer than 50 seconds indoors, Kratochvilova set the world record in 1981, then lowered it to 49.59 at the European Indoor Championships in Milan.

5. 800 Meters

Jolanda Ceplak, Slovakia, 1:55.82. March 3, 2002. Ceplak set the world record at the European Indoor Championships in Vienna, breaking Christine Wachtel's 14-year-old mark.

6. 1000 Meters

Yuliya Chizhenko, Russia, 2:32.16. January 25, 2006. Chizhenko set her continental mark at the 2006 Russian Winter Meet in Moscow.

7. 1500 Meters

Yelena Soboleva, Russia, 3:58.28. February 18, 2006. Soboleva broke the world mark at the 2006 Russian Indoor Championships in Moscow. She later surpassed her mark twice in 2008, but the times were not ratified because Soboleva received a 2-year suspension for manipulating drug-testing samples.

8. 1 Mile

Doina Melinte, Romania, 4:17.14. February 9, 1990. Melinte broke Mary Slaney's world mark in a meet in East Rutherford, New Jersey in 1988. Melinte lowered the mark two years later in the same meet.

9. 3000 Meters

Lilya Shobukhova, Russia, 8:27.86. February 17, 2006. Shobukhova set a world record at the Russian Indoor Championships in Moscow that stood for less than a year. But it remains the European standard

10. 5000 Meters

Alemitu Bekele, Turkey, 14:46.44. February 10, 2010. Bekele ser her European mark at the GE Galan meet in Stockholm.

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