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Women's European Outdoor Records


Women’s track and field records for the European continent, as recognized by the European Athletic Association.

1. 100 Meters

Arron Christine, France, 10.73. August 19, 1998. Arron set her mark at the European Championships in Budapest.

2. 200 Meters

Marita Koch, East Germany, 21.71. June 10, 1979 and July 21, 1984. Heike Drechsler, East Germany, 21.71. June 29, 1986 and August 29, 1986. Koch set the world record in 1979. She tied her mark five years later, before Drechsler matched it twice. Florence Griffith-Joyner set the new world record in 1988.

3. 400 Meters

Marita Koch, East Germany, 47.60. October 6, 1985. Koch set the world record that still stands, as of 2013, at the World Cup in Canberra, Australia.

4. 800 Meters

Jarmila Kratochvilova, Czechoslovakia, 1:53.28. July 26, 1983. Kratochvilova established a world record in Munich. The record still stands as of 2013.

5. 1000 Meters

Svetlana Masterkova, Russia, 2:28.98. August 23, 1996. Masterkova’s world record, set at the Memorial Van Damme meet, still stands as of 2013.

6. 1500 Meters

Tatyana Kazankina, Soviet Union, 3:52.47. August 13, 1980. Kazankina set a world record that stood for 13 years, until Qu Yunxia broke it in 1993.

7. Mile

Svetlana Masterkova, Russia, 4:12.56. August 14, 1996. Masterkova broke the world mile record in Zurich, and still holds the world mark as of 2013.

8. 2000 Meters

Sonia O’Sullivan, Ireland, 5:25.36. July 8, 1994. O’Sullivan set a world record in Edinburgh that’s still on the books in 2013.

9. 3000 Meters

Gabriel Szabo, Romania, 8:21.42. July 19, 2002. Szabo set the European mark at the Herculis meet in Monaco.

10. Two Miles

Paula Radcliffe, Great Britain, 9:17.40. June 20, 2004. Radcliffe’s 2-mile mark is recognized even though it was part of a 5000-meter race at the European Cup in Bydgoszcz.

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