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Track and Field Basics

Basic information about the sport of track and field, with introductory articles regarding each track and field event.
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Introductions to Track and Field Events
Introductions to all of track and field's running, jumping, throwing and multi-sport events.

Track and Field Events: Running Events
An overview of the running events you're most likely to see at a track meet, from the 60-meter run to the marathon.

Track and Field Events: Jumps and Throws
An overview of the jumping and throwing events you may see at a track and field meet.

Track and Field Events: Hurdling Events, Relays and Multi-Sport Events
An overview of a variety of track and field events, including the hurdles, steeplechase, relays and combined events competition.

Track and Field Glossary, From A-K
An A-through-K list of track and field terms.

Track and Field Glossary, From L-Z
An L-through-Z list of track and field terms

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