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Top American Olympic Throwers of 2008


With a strong contingent of men's shot putters leading the way, Americans hoped to reap some throwing medals in the 2008 Olympics. But it was discus thrower Stephanie Brown Trafton who gained the lone U.S. throwing gold in Beijing.

1. Reese Hoffa

Andy Lyons/Getty Images
The fun-loving Hoffa was among the shot put favorites at the 2008 Olympics, but the 2008 U.S. champ didn't have much fun in the final at Beijing.

2. Christian Cantwell

Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Christian Cantwell qualified for his first Olympic Games in 2008, and he didn't return home empty-handed.

3. Adam Nelson

Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Nelson had only two legal throws in the U.S. Olympic Trials, but his second toss was good enough for third place and a spot on the U.S. team. He had more foul trouble in the shot put final in Beijing.

4. Aretha Thurmond

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images
After giving birth to a son in June, 2007 Aretha Thurmond resumed her athletic career where she left off, as one of America's top discus throwers.

5. Stephanie Brown Trafton

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images
Stephanie Brown Trafton owned the world's top throw of 2008 for a while. Her 66.17-meter effort (217 feet, 1.12 inches) was later surpassed, but no one topped her in Beijing.

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