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Olympic Track and Field Champions: Where Are They Now?


Many former Olympic track and field stars are now coaches. Others are public speakers, authors, entrepreneurs or politicians. Find out what your favorite names from track and field’s past are doing today.

1. Tommie Smith and John Carlos

Best-remembered for the black-gloved protest they performed at the 1968 Olympics, it’s easy to forget that the pair were elite sprinters. And they’ve had plenty to say since 1968.

2. Wyomia Tyus

The ‘60s sprint star continues to contribute to athletics years after she stopped running.

3. Edwin Moses

An unbeatable hurdler for many years, Moses remains an elite contributor to the track and field world.

4. Roger Kingdom

Like many other notable track and field stars, Kingdom has enjoyed success as a college coach.

5. Jim Ryun

Yesterday or today, Jim Ryun has always been about running.

6. Steve Ovett

He lives far from the spotlight, but Steve Ovett’s name still shines brightly in the world of running.

7. Sebastian Coe

Sebastian Coe is at the top of his field in retirement, just as he was as an athlete.

8. Lasse Viren

Another in a famous line of Finnish distance runners, the former gold medalist has served his country since hanging up his running shoes.

9. Frank Shorter

Shorter helped popularize distance running in the U.S. and still contributes to his sport in many ways.

10. Joan Benoit Samuelson

Still running competitively long after striking Olympic gold, Samuelson promotes her sport as well as anyone.

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