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A Comprehensive Look at Olympic Discus


A Comprehensive Look at Olympic Discus

1976 Olympic gold medalist Mac Wilkins

Tony Duffy/Allsport/Getty Images
One of the world's oldest sports, dating to at least the eighth century B.C., discus was a part of the first modern Games in 1896. It was also the first Olympic women's throwing event, beginning in 1928, when Poland's Halina Konopacka became the only discus thrower to set a world record during an Olympic Games. Though Olympic competitions have often proved exciting, discus is the only track and field sport in which a men's world record has never been set during an Olympic Games.

About Olympic Discus:

Young athletes throw a lighter discus, but other than that the rules for discus, as with the other throwing events, are fairly uniform, from the lowest levels to the Olympic Games. Learn more about the discus throw in the following links.

Olympic Discus History:

American men once dominated the discus, winning 14 of the first 19 gold medals. But prior to Stephanie Brown Trafton's gold medal performance in 2008, the U.S. hadn't won a discus medal - on either the men's or women's side - since 1984. Check out more facts about Olympic discus throwing below.

Action Image Gallery:

Discus throwers demonstrate their craft in this image gallery.

The Athletes:

Take a look at the top 2012 Olympic discus hopefuls, from the U.S. and around the world, then catch up with some familiar names from the past with these selections.

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