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2008 Olympic Track and Field Predictions


Updated April 13, 2009

Some Olympic track and field events have clear favorites while others appear wide open. But the only certainty is that there will be plenty of surprises before the Beijing Games are over. Check out the following predictions for each event; click on the underlined names for profiles of featured athletes.

  • Men's 100 meters
    GOLD: Tyson Gay - USA
    SILVER: Usain Bolt - Jamaica
    BRONZE: Walter Dix - USA

  • Women's 100 meters
    GOLD: Muna Lee - USA
    SILVER: Torri Edwards - USA
    BRONZE: Lauryn Williams - USA

  • Men's 200 meters
    GOLD: Usain Bolt - Jamaica
    SILVER: Walter Dix - USA
    BRONZE: Shawn Crawford - USA

  • Women's 200 meters
    GOLD: Allyson Felix - USA
    SILVER: Veronica Campbell-Brown - Jamaica
    BRONZE: Kerron Stewart - Jamaica

  • Men's 400 meters
    GOLD: Jeremy Wariner - USA
    SILVER: LaShawn Merritt - USA
    BRONZE: Chris Brown - Jamaica

  • Women's 400 meters
    GOLD: Sanya Richards - USA
    SILVER: Amantle Montsho - Botswana
    BRONZE: Mary Wineberg - USA

  • Men's 800 meters
    GOLD: Abubaker Khamis - Sudan
    SILVER: Mbulaeni Mulaudzi - South Africa
    BRONZE: Alfred Yego - Kenya

  • Women's 800 meters
    GOLD: Pamela Jelimo - Kenya
    SILVER: Yelena Soboleva - Russia
    BRONZE: Janeth Jepkosgei - Kenya

  • Men's 1500 meters
    GOLD: Bernard Lagat - USA
    SILVER: Augustine Choge - Kenya
    BRONZE: Asbel Kiprop - Kenya

  • Women's 1500 meters
    GOLD: Yelena Soboleva - Russia
    SILVER: Maryam Jamal - Bahrain
    BRONZE: Liliana Popescu - Romania

  • Men's 5000 meters
    GOLD: Bernard Lagat - USA
    SILVER: Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia
    BRONZE: Moses Kipsiro - Uganda

  • Women's 5000 meters
    GOLD: Meseret Defar - Ethiopia
    SILVER: Tirunesh Dibaba - Ethiopia
    BRONZE: Meselech Melkamu - Ethiopia

  • Men's 10,000 meters
    GOLD: Haile Gebrselassie - Ethiopia
    SILVER: Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia
    BRONZE: Sileshi Sihine - Ethiopia

  • Women's 10,000 meters
    GOLD: Tirunesh Dibaba - Ethiopia
    SILVER: Shalane Flanagan - USA
    BRONZE: Kimberley Smith - New Zealand

  • Men's marathon
    GOLD: Martin Lel - Kenya
    SILVER: Ryan Hall - USA
    BRONZE: Samuel Wanjiru - Kenya

  • Women's marathon
    GOLD: Yingying Zhang - China
    SILVER: Catherin Ndereba - Kenya
    BRONZE: Deena Kastor - USA

  • Men's steeplechase
    GOLD: Ezekiel Kemboi - Kenya
    SILVER: Brimin Kipruto - Kenya
    BRONZE: Richard Mateelong - Kenya

  • Women's steeplechase
    GOLD: Gulnara Samitova-Galkina - Russia
    SILVER: Eunice Jepkorir - Kenya
    BRONZE: Yekaterina Volkova - Russia

  • Men's 110-meter hurdles
    GOLD: Liu Xiang - China
    SILVER: Dayron Robles - Cuba
    BRONZE: David Oliver - USA

  • Women's 100-meter hurdles
    GOLD: Lolo Jones - USA
    SILVER: Delloren Ennis-London - Jamaica
    BRONZE: Susanna Kallur - Sweden

  • Men's 400-meter hurdles
    GOLD: Kerron Clement - USA
    SILVER: Bershawn Jackson - USA
    BRONZE: Danny McFarlane - Jamaica

  • Women's 400-meter hurdles
    GOLD: Tiffany Ross-Williams - USA
    SILVER: Malaine Walker - Jamaica
    BRONZE: Nickiesha Wilson - Jamaica

  • Men's high jump
    GOLD: Yaroslav Rybakov - Russia
    SILVER: Stefan Holm - Sweden
    BRONZE: Jesse Williams - USA

  • Women's high jump
    GOLD: Blanka Vlasic - Croatia
    SILVER: Ariane Friedrich - Germany
    BRONZE: Chaunte Howard - USA

  • Men's pole vault
    GOLD: Brad Walker - USA
    SILVER: Yevgeniy Lukyanenko - Russia
    BRONZE: Steven Hooker - Australia

  • Women's pole vault
    GOLD: Yelena Isinbayeva - Russia
    SILVER: Jenn Stuczynski - USA
    BRONZE: Yuliya Golubchikova - Russia

  • Men's long jump
    GOLD: Irving Saladino - Panama
    SILVER: Ibrahim Camejo - Cuba
    BRONZE: Trevell Quinley - USA

  • Women's long jump
    GOLD: Lyudmila Kolchanova - Russia
    SILVER: Brittney Reese - USA
    BRONZE: Maurren Maggi - Brazil

  • Men's triple jump
    GOLD: Phillips Idowu - Great Britain
    SILVER: Arnie Girat - Cuba
    BRONZE: Dmitrij Valukevic Slovakia

  • Women's triple jump
    GOLD: Yargelis Savigne - Cuba
    SILVER: Hrysopiyi Devetzki - Greece
    BRONZE: Marija Sestak - Slovenia

  • Men's shot put
    GOLD: Reese Hoffa - USA
    SILVER: Christian Cantwell - USA
    BRONZE: Adam Nelson - USA

  • Women's shot put
    GOLD: Valerie Vili - New Zealand
    SILVER: Nadzeya Ostapchuk - Belarus
    BRONZE: Nadine Kleinert - Germany

  • Men's discus
    GOLD: Gerd Kanter - Estonia
    SILVER: Virgilijus Alekna - Lithuania
    BRONZE: Ian Waltz - USA

  • Women's discus
    GOLD: Darya Pishchalnikova - Russia
    SILVER: Stephanie Brown-Trafton - USA
    BRONZE: Nicoleta Grasu - Romania

  • Men's javelin
    GOLD: Tero Pitkamaki - Finland
    SILVER: Andreas Thorkildsen - Norway
    BRONZE: Jarrod Bannister - Australia

  • Women's javelin
    GOLD: Barbora Spotakova - Czech Republic
    SILVER: Christina Obergfoll - Germany
    BRONZE: Osleidys Menendez - Cuba

  • Men's hammer throw
    GOLD: Ivan Tsikhan - Belarus
    SILVER: Primoz Kozmus - Slovenia
    BRONZE: Libor Charfreitag - Slovakia

  • Women's hammer throw
    GOLD: Aksana Miankova - Belarus
    SILVER: Yipsi Moreno - Cuba
    BRONZE: Martina Danisova-Hrasnova - Slovakia

  • Men's decathlon
    GOLD: Roman Sebrle - Czech Republic
    SILVER: Brian Clay - USA
    BRONZE: Maurice Smith - Jamaica

  • Women's heptathlon
    GOLD: Hyleas Fountain - USA
    SILVER: Lyudmila Blonska - Ukraine
    BRONZE: Jacquelyn Johnson - USA

  • Men's 20-kilometer walk
    GOLD: Sergey Morozov - Russia
    SILVER: Francisco Fernandez - Spain
    BRONZE: Eder Sanchez - Mexico

  • Women's 20-kilometer walk
    GOLD: Olga Kaniskina - Russia
    SILVER: Tatyana Shemyakina - Russia
    BRONZE: Tatyana Sibileva - Russia

  • Men's 50-kilometer walk
    GOLD: Denis Nizhegorodov - Russia
    SILVER: Vladimir Kanaykin - Russia
    BRONZE: Alex Schwazer - Italy

  • Men's 4 x 100-meter relay
    SILVER: Jamaica
    BRONZE: Great Britain

  • Women's 4 x 100-meter relay
    SILVER: Jamaica
    BRONZE: Great Britain

  • Men's 4 x 400-meter relay
    SILVER: Jamaica
    BRONZE: Poland

  • Women's 4 x 400-meter relay
    SILVER: Russia
    BRONZE: Jamaica

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