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2008 Olympic shot put photos


Poland's Tomasz Majewski took the lead in the final with a toss measuring 21.21 meters (69 feet, 7 inches) in the third round, then improved to 21.51 (70-6.8) in the fourth to earn the men's gold medal. American Christian Cantwell went from fourth to second on his final toss (21.09/69-2.3), to earn the silver medal. Cantwell’s effort bumped 2003 World Champion Andrei Mikhnevich of Belarus to bronze medal status (21.05/69-0.7). Defending World Indoor and Outdoor champ Valerie Vili won the women's gold with a leading toss of 20.56 meters(67-5.5), which came on her first attempt. Vili had the event’s top three throws. Natallia Mikhnevich of Belarus won the silver (20.28/66-6.4) and Nadzeya Ostapchuk of Belarus earned the bronze (19.86/65-1.9).
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Tomasz Majewski Tomasz MajewskiChristian CantwellDylan Armstrong
Yuriy BilonogAdam NelsonChristian Cantwell and Tomasz MajewskiReese Hoffa
Reese HoffaValerie Vili valerie ViliMeiju Li
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