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Overview of hurdle events.
  1. Olympic Hurdles (11)

Illustrated Sprint Hurdles Technique
An illustrated, step-by-step guide for high hurdles competitors.

Aries Merritt: Record-setting Hurdler
A summary of 110-meter hurdler Aries Merritt’s track and field career.

The Basics of the 300 Intermediate Hurdles Event
Read about the intermediate hurdles event and find out the key qualities of a strong intermediate hurdler.

How to Coach the 300 Intermediate Hurdles
Check out these tips for coaching young intermediate hurdlers.

Developing a Stride Pattern in the 300 Intermediate Hurdles
Learn the importance of a good stride pattern in the intermediate hurdles event.

Jehue Gordon: Fulfilling His Promise
Reviewing hurdler Jehue Gordon’s track and field career.

Jason Richardson: Sprint Hurdles Champ
A summary of sprint hurdler Jason Richardson’s track and field career.

Profile of Dawn Harper
A summary of 100-meter hurdler Dawn Harper’s track and field career.

Dayron Robles: Hurdles Record-Setter Goes for Gold
Everything you'd want to know about Cuban Olympic hurdler Dayron Robles

Liu Xiang: Hurdles Champ to Perform at Home
Everything you'd want to know about Chinese Olympic hurdler Liu Xiang

David Oliver: New Contender in 110 Hurdles
Everything you'd want to know about American Olympic hurdler David Oliver

Terrence Trammell: Looking for Gold in 110 Hurdles
Everything you'd want to know about American Olympic hurdler Terrence Trammell

Lolo Jones: Rising Star in 100-Meter Hurdles
Everything you'd want to know about American Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones

Lashinda Demus: Overcoming All Hurdles
A summary of Lashinda Demus’s track and field career.

Tiffany Ross-Williams: Hurdles Hopeful
Everything you'd want to know about American Olympic hurdler Tiffany Ross-Williams

Bershawn Jackson: Return to Number One?
Everything you'd want to know about American Olympic hurdler Bershawn Jackson

Kerron Clement: World Champ Seeks Olympic Gold
Everything you'd want to know about American Olympic hurdler Kerron Clement

Hurdles Action Photo Gallery
View action photographs of the hurdles, which is one of the sports represented in the Summer Olympic Games.

An Illustrated History of Hurdles
A photographic history of hurdles

Introduction to Hurdles
Introduction to track & field hurdle events

Sally Pearson: Sprint Hurdles Star
A summary of hurdler Sally Pearson’s track and field career.

Learning the Hurdles
Advice and guidelines for the novice hurdler.

Track and Field Events: Hurdling Events, Relays and Multi-Sport Events
An overview of a variety of track and field events, including the hurdles.

Natalya Antyukh: Returning to Hurdles Glory
A summary of Natalya Antyukh’s track and field career.

Brianna Rollins: A Tiger on the Track
A summary of American sprint hurdler Brianna Rollins' track and field career.

Men's 110-Meter Hurdles World Records
The men's world record progression in the 110-meter hurdles event, from 1908 to the present, as recognized by the IAAF.

Women's 100-Meter Hurdles Records
The world record progression in the women's 100-meter hurdles, from 1969 to the present, as recognized by the IAAF.

How to Coach New Hurdlers
Information for track and field coaches and young athletes who want to learn about the hurdles. How to find hurdlers. How to practice the hurdles.

Learning the Hurdles: Walkover Drills
Learning to perform hurdles walkover drills. Developing a lead leg strategy for the hurdles. Coaching hurdlers.

Intermediate Hurdles Drills
Jogging and running drills help novice hurdlers continue their learning progression. Coaching the hurdles. Training hurdlers. Practicing hurdles.

Learning Proper Hurdling Form
Young hurdlers can perform a variety of drills to improve their technique. learning proper hurdling form. coaching young hurdlers. hurdles practice.

Fixing Common Hurdles Mistakes
Fixing Common Hurdles Mistakes. Helpful advice for young hurdlers who want to improve their craft. coaching hurdles. hurdles training.

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