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Illustrated High Jump Technique


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Approach - Start
Illustrated High Jump Technique

This Australian high jumper leans forward slightly as he begins his approach. He'll no doubt straighten up quickly, however.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images
High jumpers generally employ a 10-step approach – five steps in a straight line, then five steps along an arc that curves toward the bar. Generally, right-handed jumpers begin by standing about 10 strides back from the right standard, plus five strides to the right. You may wish to make a checkmark at your starting point, then make a second mark about five strides forward, at the transition point from straight to curved running. Read more about how to determine the takeoff leg and starting position and how to set the check marks. The marks, as well as the number of strides in the approach, can be adjusted if necessary, but once you have your marks on the track it’s important to always hit them precisely.
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