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High Jump

An overview of high jumping.
  1. Olympic High Jump (9)

Illustrated High Jump Technique
Take a look at this step-by-step instruction in basic high jump technique.

High Jump Approach Technique
How to coach and develop a sound high jumping approach.

High Jump Takeoff Technique
Learn takeoff techniques to get you over the bar.

High Jump Bar-Clearance Mechanics
All-American high jumper Holly Thompson tells you how to clear the bar.

How to Find High Jumpers
What to look for in a high jumper.

Coaching New High Jumpers
How to coach your high jump beginners.

Bohdan Bondarenko: Rising to the Top
Bohdan Bondarenko’s path to high jump success.

Interview With High Jump Champion Amy Acuff, Part 2
Read part two of this exclusive interview with high jumper Amy Acuff.

Interview With High Jump Champion Amy Acuff, Part 1
Read part 1 of this 2-part interview with champion high jumper Amy Acuff.

High Jump Drills: Coaching Beginning High Jumpers
Drills to help coaches teach beginning high jumpers.

Anna Chicherova: High Jumper for Life
A summary of Russian Jumper Anna Chicherova’s track and field career.

Blanka Vlasic: Dominant High Jumper
Everything you'd want to know about Croatian Olympic high jumper Blanka Vlasic

Jesse Williams: U.S. High Jump Champ
Everything you'd want to know about American Olympic high jumper Jesse Williams

High Jump Action Photo Gallery
View action photographs of the high jump, which is one of the sports represented in the Summer Olympic Games.

An Illustrated History of the High Jump
A photographic history of the high jump

Introduction to the High Jump
Introduction to the High Jump

Chaunte Howard Lowe: Profile of High Jumper Chaunte Howard Lowe
An overview of American Chaunte Howard Lowe's track and field career.

Beginner's Track and Field: Learning the High Jump
How to get started in high jumping.

Brigetta Barrett: The High Jump Artist
A profile of American high jumper Brigetta Barrett's track and field career.

Ivan Ukhov: The Accidental Jumper
A summary of Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov’s track and field career, including his 2012 Olympic triumph.

Men's High Jump World Records
All the men's high jump world records, as recognized by the IAAF.

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