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Women's Hammer Throw Olympic Medalists


The gold, silver, and bronze medal winners in the women’s hammer throw from the Summer Olympic games.

  • 2000
    GOLD Kamila Skolimowska, POL 71.16
    SILVER Olga Kuzenkova, RUS 69.77
    BRONZE Kirsten Mûnchow, GER 69.28

  • 2004
    GOLD Olga Kuzenkova, RUS 75.02
    SILVER Yipsi Moreno, CUB 73.36
    BRONZE Yunaika Crawford, CUB, 73.16

  • 2008
    GOLD Aksana Miankova, BLR 76.34
    SILVER Yipsi Moreno, CUB 75.20
    BRONZE Wenxiu Zhang, CHN 74.32

  • 2012
    GOLD Tatyana Lysenko, RUS 78.18
    SILVER Anita Wlodarczyk, POL 77.60
    BRONZE Betty Heidler, GER 77.12

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