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Denis Nizhegorodov: 2008 Race Walking Record-Breaker


Denis Nizhegorodov: 2008 Race Walking Record-Breaker

Denis Nizhegorodov

Christopher Lee/Getty Images
Russians are generally strong in race walking, particularly at 50 kilometers, where Denis Nizhegorodov won a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics and a bronze in 2008.

Record walk:

Nizhegorodov set a world 50-kilometer race walk record at the 2008 IAAF World Race Walking Cup. Nizhegorodov remained strong throughout the race, recording his fastest lap of the day in the race's 46th kilometer. Nizhegorodov’s record was set in Cheboksary, Russia on May 11. The previous mark of 3:35:47 was set by Australia’s Nathan Deakes.

Leaving it all on the track:

Don’t tell Nizhegorodov that race walking isn’t physically demanding. The Russian passed out just after crossing the finish line in the 50-kilometer event at the Athens Games. No doubt he felt better when, after recovering in the medical tent soon afterwards, he learned that he’d won the silver medal.

Career highlights:

Nizhegorodov’s World Cup victory in 2008 was his second triumph in that competition; he also won in 2006. He was fourth at the 2007 World Championships and fifth in 2003.

The stats:

  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 135
  • Age: 28
  • Birth date: July 26, 1980
  • Hometown: Saransk, Russia
  • World Championships: None


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