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Introduction to the Discus Throw


Technique :

As in all throwing events, strength is important in the discus throw. Equally important are agility and balance as the thrower executes the spins necessary to generate speed and power. Read more about discus throw technique.

What to look for :

The throwing circle is slightly larger than the circle used for hammer and shot put. The discus circle has in inside diameter of 2.5 meters. Nevertheless, fouling is common. There are generally six throws per competitor in the discus event. The longest single throw wins.

World records:

Discus is the only event where the women’s world record is superior to the men’s mark. That’s because women throw a one-kilogram discus while the men’s discus weighs two kilograms.

Both records were set by East Germans competing in the German city of Neubrandenberg. Jurgen Schult set the men’s mark of 74.08 meters on June 6, 1986, while Gabriele Reinsch established the women’s record with a toss of 76.80 meters on July 9, 1988.

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