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Tips From the Pros

Tips and advice on track and field technique from professional athletes and coaches.
  1. John Godina Spin Shot Technique (0)

Mike Powell Offers Advice and Drills for Long Jumpers
World long jump champion Mike Powell offers coaching advice for beginning and established jumpers.

World Champion Mike Powell Discusses Long Jump Technique
World long jump record-breaker Mike Powell describes good long jumping technique.

LaShawn Merritt's Running Tips
Olympic and World champion LaShawn Merritt offers advice on how to run the 400 meters.

Olympian Johnny Grays 800-meter Coaching and Running Tips
The 800-meter bronze medalist in Barcelona shares his running and coaching advice.

Will Claye's Triple Jump Tips
Olympic silver medalist Will Claye discusses triple jump technique and offers advice for coaches and young jumpers.

Mac Wilkins' Throwing Tips
Gold Medalist Mac Wilkins offers advice for young throwers and coaches.

Olympic Champion Stacy Dragila Talks Pole Vault Training
Stacy Dragila offers advice on learing and coaching the pole vault.

Brian Diemer Interview: Training the Athlete's Mind
Coach and former Olympic steeplechase bronze medalist Brian Diemer believes an athlete's mind set can impact his training.

Brian Diemer Interview: Coaching Philosophy
Olympic bronze medalist and Calvin College coach Brian Diemer discusses the importance of mental preparation.

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