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Common track and field terms - Track & Field - About.com
An A-through-K list of track and field terms. ... At the Olympics, for example, all track and field events are classified as “athletics.” Baton: A hollow, rigid, one- piece ...
Introductions to Track and Field Events - Track & Field - About.com
Introductions to all of track and field's running, jumping, throwing and multi-sport events. ... The shortest events in terms of time are sprint, relay and hurdle races.
Olympic Hurdle Events Rules - Track and Field
Track & Field Essentials. 2006-WI-julian-finney.jpg - Julian Finney/Getty Images. Common track and field terms · Track and Field Basics · 234806 Subscription ...
Learning the Hurdles (Track and Field for Beginners) - Track & Field
Beginner's Track and Field: Learning the Hurdles ... Reduced to simple terms, the ideal hurdler will basically run the 100 to 400 meters, while taking what ...
Track and Field Events (Hurdling, Relays, Multi-Sport) - Track & Field
An overview of a variety of track and field events, including the hurdles, steeplechase, relays and ... Common track and field terms · What are Olympic Hurdles?
What is Olympic Steeplechase? - Track & Field - About.com
It's the Duckbilled Platypus of the track and field world, combining several different skills into one event, including distance ... Common track and field terms.
Track and Field Events: Running Events - Track & Field - About.com
Track and Field Events: Running Events ... 100-meter run: The outdoor straight sprint is one of track and field's glamour events. .... Common track and field terms.
Track and Field Basics
Basic information about the sport of track and field, with introductory articles regarding each track and field event. ... An A-through-K list of track and field terms .
Track and Field Overview for Athletes and Spectators
An overview of track and field events and competitions, including how-to advice for novice competitors and coaches, rules and ... Common track and field terms.
Track and Field Glossary, From L-Z - Track & Field - About.com
An L-through-Z list of track and field terms. ... Lap: One complete circuit of a track; 400 meters on a standard track. Lead leg: The leg a hurdler kicks forward when ...
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