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Track and Field history - Track & Field - About.com
A brief history of track & field competition and the evolution of each event. Includes Olympic Games history and current world records.
Olympic Track & Field history - About.com
Brief history of Olympic Track & Field including evolution of events, ancient and modern Olympics, Olympic records and outstanding athletes.
United States World Track and Field Championship History
Highlights of the United States track and field teams in the World Outdoor Championships.
Track and Field Records - Track & Field - About.com
Roger Bannister's sub-4-minute mile, for example, remains a milestone in track and field history. Check out the record progressions for the men's and women's ...
Track & Field Olympic Games History - About.com
A brief history of Track & Field events at the ancient and modern Olympic Games.
A Brief History of the IAAF Indoor World Track and Field ...
The first indoor world track and field championship event was held in Paris in 1985 and was billed as “The World Indoor Games.” The initial IAAF-sanctioned ...
An Illustrated History of Hurdles - Track & Field - About.com
The 110-meter hurdles were an original event in the first modern Olympics in 1896. But those competitors jumped over the hurdles, rather then striding over them ...
A Brief History of Sprints and Hurdles - Track & Field - About.com
A Brief History of Sprints and Hurdles. ... Hurdles, like many track and field events , were popularized in British competitions in the 19th Century. The first modern ...
A Brief History of Distance Running Events - Track & Field - About.com
The first recorded distance events, during the ancient Olympics, were run in stadiums at distances of seven to 24 stades (1400-4800 meters). The steeplechase ...
Track and Field - Women's History - About.com
Track and field: women athletes and history of women's events.
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