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Track & Field training drills - About.com
Suggested training drills for various Track & Field events.
High Jump Drills - Track & Field - About.com
Drills to help coaches teach beginning high jumpers.
Mike Powell Offers Advice and Drills for Long Jumpers - Track & Field
World long jump champion Mike Powell offers coaching advice for beginning and established jumpers.
Track & Field training - About.com
Overview of training methods and strategies for track and field coaches and athletes, including drills, meet strategy and necessary equipment.
Drills for 4 X 100 Relay Teams - Track & Field - About.com
Try these drills to improve your time in the 4 x 100 relay.
Intermediate Hurdles Drills - Track and Field - About.com
The first, most basic drill a track and field coach typically teaches a new hurdler is the walkover. When new hurdlers are comfortable with walkovers, it's time to ...
Interval Training for Runners - Track and Field - About.com
Interval training is based on the principle that shorter, high-intensity workouts are ... In the track and field world, interval training was popularized in the 1940s ...
Learning the Hurdles: Walkover Drills - Track and Field - About.com
In the beginning, young hurdlers, like most track and field athletes, will perform a variety of drills to learn their new craft. The following drills and tips are based on ...
Beginner's Track and Field - Learning the Discus Throw - Track & Field
While successful discus throwers require strength, youth track and field coaches ... Throwers must learn the proper grip before beginning any other discus drills.
Beginner's Track and Field: Learning the Long Jump - Track & Field
The first landing drills will likely be performed from a standing start. The jumpers will leap off of both feet, then reach their arms forward as their legs do the same.
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