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Track & Field training drills - Track and Field - About.com
Suggested training drills for various Track & Field events.
High Jump Drills - Track and Field - About.com
Drills to help coaches teach beginning high jumpers.
Drills for 4 X 100 Relay Teams - Baton Passing Drills - Track and Field
Try these drills to improve your time in the 4 x 100 relay.
Track & Field training - Track and Field - About.com
Overview of training methods and strategies for track and field coaches and athletes, including drills, meet strategy and necessary equipment.
Mike Powell Offers Advice and Drills for Long ... - Track and Field
World long jump champion Mike Powell offers coaching advice for beginning and established jumpers.
Stretching for Track and Field
Most track and field athletes and coaches understand that stretching can provide ... It may also reduce the muscle soreness you feel the day after a hard workout.
Intermediate Hurdles Drills - Track and Field - About.com
The first, most basic drill a track and field coach typically teaches a new hurdler is the walkover. When new hurdlers are comfortable with walkovers, it's time to ...
Beginner's Track and Field: Learning the Long Jump - Track & Field
The first landing drills will likely be performed from a standing start. The jumpers will leap off of both feet, then reach their arms forward as their legs do the same.
Learning the Hurdles: Walkover Drills - Track and Field - About.com
In the beginning, young hurdlers, like most track and field athletes, will perform a variety of drills to learn their new craft. The following drills and tips are based on ...
Interval Training for Runners - Track and Field - About.com
Interval training is based on the principle that shorter, high-intensity workouts are ... In the track and field world, interval training was popularized in the 1940s ...
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