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Shot put - Track & Field - About.com
An overview of the track and field shot put event including the sport's history, rules and records.
Shot Put Glide Technique - Introduction - Track & Field - About.com
Step-by-step instruction in how to perform the shot put using the glide technique.
Shot Put Rotational Technique - Track & Field - About.com
Step-by-step instruction in how to perform the shot put using the rotational technique.
Rotational Shot Put: Coaching Advice - Track & Field - About.com
Don't count John Godina among the many who believe shot put competitors must begin by learning the glide. Godina says that most throwers can learn the ...
Beginner's Track and Field: Learning the Shot Put - Track & Field
Women and girls of all ages throw a 4-kg shot (8.8 pounds), under IAAF rules. In the long run, of course, strength has its advantages. Shot put safety: The main ...
Introduction to Shot Put - Track & Field
The men's shot put weighs 7.26 kilograms with a diameter of 110-130 millimeters. The women's shot weights four kilograms with a diameter of 95-110 ...
An Illustrated History of Shot Put - Track & Field - About.com
Various stone- or weight-throwing events date back more than 2000 years in the British Isles. The first known events resembling the modern shot put likely ...
Olympic Shot Put Rules - Track & Field - About.com
The shot put circle is 2.135 meters in diameter with a wooden stop board 10 centimeters high on the outside. Competitors may touch the inside of the circle's rim ...
Olympic Shot Put Essentials - Track & Field - About.com
Shot put isn't the most graceful of events - how graceful can anyone appear while hurling a small, dense, heavy (16 pounds for men, 8 pounds 13 ounces for ...
Rotational Shot Put: Stance and Start - Track & Field - About.com
The rotational shot put technique involves a single flowing movement from one position to another. It's possible for some throwers to overcome an early technical  ...
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