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Pole Vault Basics - Track & Field - About.com
Before you start teaching or learning the pole vault, review some basics about the event, adapted from a presentation by two-time U.S. Olympian Jeff Hartwig, ...
An Illustrated History of Pole Vault - Track & Field - About.com
Bob Seagren's 1968 gold medal extended the U.S. Olympic pole vault winning streak to 16. The American streak ended in controversy in 1972 when many ...
Pole Vault Technique, Part 1 - Track & Field - About.com
You're not going to be good with the pole. So I teach a lot of sprint mechanics. We don't get on the pole vault runway right away. The kids learn a lot of sprint ...
Pole Vault Approach Run - Track & Field - About.com
If you lack sufficient momentum from your run you won't reach your full potential, no matter how you handle the pole. Pole vault coach and U.S. indoor ...
Introduction to the Pole Vault - Track & Field - About.com
Basic Skills: Successful pole vaulters combine the speed and flexibility of a high jumper with good upper body strength. The pole vaulter sprints down a runway ...
Beginner's Track and Field: Learning the Pole Vault - Track & Field
Pole vaulters combine some of the best track and field qualities into one event. They require the leaping strength that any good jumper possesses, together with  ...
Pole vault - Track & Field - About.com
Pole vault overview including pole vaulting technique, rules and history.
Men's Pole Vault World Records From 1912 to Present - Track & Field
The pole vault record is the most frequently broken word mark in men's track and field history. As of 2014 the IAAF has ratified 71 world records in the event, ...
Rules for the Olympic Pole Vault Competition
During the 2004 Athens Games, 38 men and 35 women participated in their respective qualification rounds to earn a spot in the pole vault final. Sixteen men and ...
Women's Pole Vault Records - Track & Field - About.com
The women's track and field pole vault world record progression, as recognized by the IAAF. Records-breakers from 1992 to the present, including Stacy Dragila  ...
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