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An Illustrated History of the Heptathlon - Track & Field - About.com
First, there was the pentathlon. At least for women. Women's multi-sport competition began with the five-sport pentathlon, which became an Olympic event in ...
Olympic Decathlon Rules - Track & Field - About.com
The men's decathlon consists of ten events that are held on two consecutive days . The first day's events include, in order, a 100-meter run, the long jump, shot ...
Jessica Ennis: British Heptathlon Queen - Track & Field - About.com
Likewise, Ennis won the gold medal in the pentathlon at the 2010 World Indoor Championship, then settled for silver in 2012. She won the 2010 European ...
Olympic Modern Pentathlon Rules and Judging - Running & Jogging
Get information on the rules and scoring for the Olympic Modern Pentathlon.
Learn to Compete in the Modern Pentathlon - Running & Jogging
May 11, 2013 ... The Olympic Modern Pentathlon consists of five events. Learn how to participate in the five disciplines of the competition.
Modern Pentathlon in the Olympic Games - Running & Jogging
The sport of modern pentathlon has been called a true representation of the Olympic movement and the sport that most accurately conveys the ideals of the ...
Olympic Modern Pentathlon - How to Become An Olympic Penthathete
May 12, 2013 ... Getting started in modern pentathlon can be a challenging endeavor, simply due to the fact that it involves five very different disciplines.
Pentathlon - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Pentathlon was the name for the five events in Greek gymnastics: running, jumping, wrestling, discus throwing, and javelin throwing.
Modern Pentathlon - Swimming - About.com
Modern Pentathlon, an Olympic event since 1912, encompasses the five sports of shooting, fencing, swimming, riding (equestrian) and running. Pentathletes ...
Women's Modern Pentathlon Shooting
Women's Modern Pentathlon Shooting - Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images ... of the modern pentathlon on during the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games.
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