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Long jump - Track & Field - About.com
Long jump overview including long jumping technique, rules and history.
Long Jump Technique Step-By-Step Illustrated Instruction
The long jump can just as easily be named the “run and jump” or “sprint and jump ,” because the actual jump is only part of the process. Yes, there are ...
Champion Mike Powell's Step-By-Step Long Jump Tips - Track & Field
Mike Powell shared his thoughts on long jumping technique at the 2008 Michigan Interscholastic Track Coaches Association (MITCA) seminar. In 1991, Powell ...
Step by Step Home Cardio Exercises - Long Jumps
Long jumps are a great way to burn calories, get the heart rate up and add intensity to your cardio workouts. This high impact exercise also works the legs and ...
Olympic Long Jump Track & Field Rules - About.com
Twelve competitors qualify for the Olympic long jump final. In the 2004 Games, 40 men and 39 women participated in a qualifying round to earn a spot in the final ...
Introduction to the Long Jump - Track & Field - About.com
Carl Lewis entered the 1991 world championships in Tokyo with a 10-year, 65- meet long jump winning streak, but fellow American Mike Powell ended the streak ...
Beginner's Track and Field: Learning the Long Jump - Track & Field
Advice and guidelines for the long jump novice. ... Youth track coaches rarely have to worry about finding volunteer long jumpers. After all, what kid wouldn't ...
Olympic Long Jump Basics - Track & Field - About.com
What is Olympic Long Jump? An event that requires great speed, the Olympic long jump frequently features standout sprinters challenging long jump specialists ...
Olympic Long Jump Essentials - Track & Field - About.com
One of the more glamorous Olympic events, the names of the great long jump champions shine brightly in Olympic history. Jesse Owens. Bob Beamon.
Mike Powell's Advice and Drills for Long Jumpers - Track & Field
American Mike Powell broke Bob Beamon's long-standing world long jump record at the 1991 World Championships, with a leap measuring 8.95 meters (29  ...
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