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Javelin Throw Action Photo Gallery - Track & Field - About.com
View action photographs of javelin throwing, which is one of the sports represented in the Summer Olympic Games.
Olympic Javelin Throw Essentials - Track & Field - About.com
A Comprehensive Look at the Olympic Javelin Throw.
Women's Javelin Throw World Records - Track & Field - About.com
The javelin throw is a fairly old sport in modern women's track and field history, as women began competing in the event around the early 1900s. Javelin is the ...
Olympic Javelin Throw Rules - Track and Field
Twelve competitors qualify for the Olympic javelin throw final. In the 2004 Games, 34 men and 45 women participated in qualification rounds prior to the final.
Men's Javelin Throw World Records Pre- & Post-WWII - Track & Field
Men's world records in the javelin throw, as recognized by the IAAF.
Beginner's Track and Field: Learning the Javelin Throw - Track & Field
Advice and guidelines for the novice javelin thrower.
Introduction to Javelin Throwing - Track & Field - About.com
Javelin throwing requires speed and rhythm on the approach, as well as strength. According to IAAF ... A Comprehensive Look at the Olympic Javelin Throw ...
Olympic Javelin Throw - Track & Field - About.com
A comprehensive look at the Olympic javelin throw event, including rules, past results and photo galleries.
How to Throw a Javelin Video
Throwing a javelin requires different athletic skills that need to be honed in order to compete in the event successfully. Watch this About.com video to learn the ...
Illustrated Javelin Throwing Technique - Track & Field - About.com
A step-by-step guide to throwing the javelin. ... Olympic Javelin Rules · Beginner's Track and Field: Learning the Javelin Throw · Introduction to Javelin Throwing ...
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