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Illustrated Sprint Hurdles Technique - Track & Field - About.com
The high hurdles races – 100 meters for women and 110 meters for men outdoors, 60 meters for both genders indoors – are sprints, but they're also technical ...
Introduction to Hurdles - Track and Field - About.com
Hurdling primarily requires speed and flexibility. Ideally, runners glide over the hurdles without breaking stride and with minimum loss of speed. Runners may ...
Track & Field hurdle events - Track and Field - About.com
Overview of Track & Field hurdle events. ... An illustrated, step-by-step guide for high hurdles competitors. ... The Basics of the 300 Intermediate Hurdles Event.
An Illustrated History of Hurdles - Track and Field - About.com
The 110-meter hurdles were an original event in the first modern Olympics in 1896. But those competitors jumped over the hurdles, rather then striding over them ...
300 Intermediate Hurdles - Developing a Stride Pattern
Learn the importance of a good stride pattern in the intermediate hurdles event.
Olympic Hurdles Basics - Track & Field - About.com
What are Olympic hurdles? Winners of these events require sprinter's speed plus precise technique as the competitors glide over their obstacles on their way to ...
How to Coach the 300 Intermediate Hurdles
Youth and high school intermediate hurdles events are generally 300 yards ... Without coaching, they'll likely run up to the hurdle, slow down, then jump over it.
Olympic Hurdle Events Rules - Track and Field
Equipment All Olympic hurdle races include 10 hurdles. In the 110, the hurdles measure 1.067 meters high. The first hurdle is set 13.72 meters from the starting ...
Learning the Hurdles (Track and Field for Beginners) - Track & Field
There's a reason that the hurdles are considered running events, rather than jumping events. Reduced to simple terms, the ideal hurdler will basically run the  ...
The Basics of the 300 Intermediate Hurdles Event - Track and Field
Read about the intermediate hurdles event and find out the key qualities of a strong intermediate hurdler.
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