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Engineering Glossary - Engineering Definitions and Acronyms
Look up engineering definitions and acronyms with this engineering glossary and dictionary.
Databases Glossary - Definitions and Information - About Databases
Glossary of database related terms, including definitions, explanations, examples , suggested reading, and other resources.
Football Glossary - A Dictionary of Football Terms - About.com
This football glossary includes definitions for hundreds of commonly used terms. Intended for new fans, football 101 is useful for almost anyone.
Math Glossary - Mathematics - About.com
Math Glossary and Definition of Mathematical Terms.
Computing Linux Unix Glossary - About.com
Computing / Linux / Unix Glossary: 20000 terms well explained.
Glossary for Ancient History
The Ancient / Classical History glossary is an evolving resource on people and topics in ancient history, mythology and classical literature, mostly with very brief  ...
Golf Glossary Terms: In-Depth Definitions - About.com
Need a detailed, in-depth definition of a golf term? Check out this extensive Golf Glossary, which includes hundreds of explanations of common and uncommon ...
Marketing Terms and Glossary - About.com
Marketing terms definitions and glossary. Learn the lingo of marketing professionals.
Web Design Glossary - Jargon Terms Defined - Web Design/HTML
A glossary of jargon terms used in the HTML and XML industry. These words are used regularly throughout web development documentation and books.
U.S. Military Glossary
[Enter Descripton Here]: glossary. ... Systems Analyst. See More About. military dicionary · military definitions · military acronymns. U.S. Military Glossary ...
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