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Men's 3000-Meter Steeplechase Olympic Medalists - Track & Field
The gold, silver, and bronze medal winners in the men's 3000-meter steeplechase from the Summer Olympic games (Note: the 1932 race was 3460 meters long) ...
Introduction to the Steeplechase - Track & Field - About.com
Steeplechase races are generally 3000 meters long and require a combination of Track & Field skills, including speed, endurance, strength and flexibility.
Women's Track & Field World Records. - About.com
She broke the 200-meter world record twice in Seoul, winning her semifinal heat ... the Ethiopian followed the pacesetter through 3000 meters in 8:38.38, three ...
Swimming Workouts - 1,500 to 3,000 Meters or Yards - Swimming ...
Want to increase your swimming workouts from 1500 to 3000 yards or meters? If you can already complete the Build to 1500 Swimming Workouts or if you can ...
Build Your Swimming from 0 to 3,000 yards or meters
Want to increase your swimming workouts from 1,500 to 3,000 yards or meters? If you can already complete the Build to 1,500 Swimming Workouts or if you can ...
Men's Track & Field World Records by Event - About.com
3,000 Meters. Daniel Komen, Kenya, 7:20.67. Daniel Komen couldn't qualify for his country's Olympic team in 1996 – he was fourth in Kenya's 5,000-meter trials ...
Track and Field Events: Running Events - Track & Field - About.com
Michael Johnson set world records at 200 and 400 meters. ... 3000-meter run: This is a primary indoor event – it's part of the World Indoor Championships – but  ...
Readers Respond: Is Swimming a Good Exercise for Weight Loss?
I swim about 3,000 meters in 1hr every day of the week. I normally swim at 6am each morning and don't take any food before the swim. I'm probably burning ...
How many calories burned in swimming - Calorie Count
Today I swam 3000 meters today in almost exactly 60 minutes (I was able to actually see a clock this time, so now i can tell how fast I'm going.).
Olympic Steeplechase Rules - Track & Field - About.com
The 3,000-meter event entered men's Olympic competition in 1920. ... The hurdles are .914 meters high for men's events and .762 meters high for the women's ...
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