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Men's 110-Meter Hurdles World Records - Track and Field - About.com
Forrest Smithson of the United States set the first acknowledged world record in the 110-meter hurdles, running 15 seconds flat to win the Olympic final in 1908.
110-Meter Hurdles Men's Olympic Medalists
The Men's 110-meter hurdles Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal Winners from the Olympic Games.
2008 Olympic 100/110-meter Hurdle Results - Track and Field
Aug 21, 2008 ... Results of the 2008 Olympic women's 100-meter hurdles and men's 110-meter hurdles.
An Illustrated History of Hurdles - Track & Field - About.com
Americans won the first five 110-meter hurdles events, through 1912. U.S. hurdlers also won the initial five Olympic championships in the 400-meter hurdles , an ...
Men's 400-Meter Hurdles World Records - Track and Field - About.com
The men's world record progression in the 400-meter hurdles, from 1912 to the ... 100-Meter Hurdles World Record Progression · 110-Meter Hurdles World ...
Olympic Hurdles Basics - Track & Field - About.com
THE COMPETITION. In the modern Olympics, there are three different hurdles events that take place on the track: 100-meter hurdles; 110-meter hurdles ...
Olympic Hurdle Events Rules - Track and Field
Equipment All Olympic hurdle races include 10 hurdles. In the 110, the hurdles measure 1.067 meters high. The first hurdle is set 13.72 meters from the starting ...
Men's Track & Field World Records by Event - About.com
In 2006, Dayron Robles witnessed the 110-meter hurdles world record being broken, as he ran fourth in the race in which China's Liu Xiang set the former mark ...
Women's 100-Meter Hurdles Records - Track & Field - About.com
The world record progression in the women's 100-meter hurdles, from 1969 to the present, as recognized ... Men's 110-Meter Hurdles World Record Progression.
Introduction to Hurdles - Track & Field - About.com
Hurdle events are generally run at three distances. Men and women both run a 400-meter event. Men also run a 110-meter event while women run a 100-meter  ...
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