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100 Meter Men's Olympic Medalists (1896 - 2012) - Track & Field
The Men's Olympic 100 meter Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal Winners. ... Racing Essentials - Getty Images. 5 Essential Items for an Obstacle Race or Mud Run.
Women's 100-Meter World Records - Track & Field - About.com
Women's world records in the 100-meter run, as recognized by the IAAF.
100 Meter Women's Olympic Medalists - Track & Field - About.com
The Women's Olympic 100 meter Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal Winners. ... Essentials - Getty Images. 5 Essential Items for an Obstacle Race or Mud Run.
Track and Field Events: Running Events - Track & Field - About.com
100-meter run: The outdoor straight sprint is one of track and field's glamour events. As with the 60 meters, runners remain in assigned lanes, with the fastest  ...
Men's 100-Meter IAAF World Record Holders
The world records in the men's 100-meter run, as recognized by the IAAF.
Olympic Sprint and Relay Rules - Track & Field - About.com
The 100-meter race is run on a straightaway and all runners must remain in their lanes. As in all races, the event ends when a runner's torso (not the head, arm ...
Track & Field Olympic Games History - About.com
Otherwise, women's events are the same as men's with two exceptions: Women run the 100-meter hurdles instead of the 110, and compete in the seven-event ...
Olympic Hurdle Events Rules - Track and Field
Both men and women run a 400-meter hurdle event. Men also run a 110-meter race while women run a 100-meter event. The rules for all hurdle events are the ...
Strategies for the 4 x 100 Relay Race - Track & Field - About.com
Employing proper strategy is a key to success in the 4 x 100-meter relay race. ... in the right hand, the second runner will receive the baton – and will run with it ...
Introduction to the Decathlon - Track & Field - About.com
The decathlon includes 10 different events during two days of competition. The first day's events, in order, are: 100-meter run, long jump, shot put, high jump and  ...
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